“He is touched when we tell Him there is more to do than can ever be done”

I extracted these words from a book I read by Max Lucado called, “No Wonder They Call Him Savior”, great book and easy read as well. It’s written to be understood by believers and nonbelievers alike so pick it up if you can. However I came across the statement mentioned above and it really just began to unfold revelation in my understanding. The book, as many of Lucado’s books paint very vivid images of Christ the man. It’s great to hear about Christ our saviour and His triumphant ascension to glory. Yet there is something that happens when we can catch a glimpse of Christ the man with flesh and blood like ours. To picture Jesus jamming a finger, or stubbing a toe, or his cloak getting snagged in some thorn bushes, getting frustrated by mosquitos, etc.. I don’t know, thoughts like these just put Him in our corner. Its incredible to understand that he felt just as we do and can sympathize with the push and pulls of emotions we experience on a daily basis.

I just remember thinking so many times with what I feel God has placed in me how can I accomplish this? Once I read the statement, “He is touched when we tell Him there is more to do than can ever be done”, I stopped and thought, “Wow, that’s it! That’s the point! It’s supposed to be more than can ever be done, were supposed to feel things are out of our control because they are. And your probably thinking, “ok how is that a good thing…?” It’s a good thing because Jesus had to save the world and he was flesh and blood just like us. Without going into the intricacies of what Christ accomplished in His life, death, and resurrection the main point is, He had to save the world! He had to convince men He was the son of God and the works He did were God inspired that they would believe in Him. In a span of three years He had to reconcile a people back unto God who had hardened their hearts through religion; the very institution designed to bring men to God! I remember asking myself internally, “when was the last time you had to take away the sins of the world?” Or better yet if you had to save the world in 3 years what would you do?

To take God’s call for your life into your own hands and mind is foolish and you can never accomplish it in your own strength, that’s why it’s hard to the human soul because it’s a ‘divine’ calling.

What I want you to do is think of Christ, Him understanding the task He had before Him, to save the world right? Well there was no possible way for Jesus to save the world in the time-span of a three year ministry!! The thing is He followed the fathers plan to the tee. God created a plan in such a way that it would generate a ripple effect and that’s what I want to translate in this writing. God created the idea of strategy, therefore He is a master strategist, actually ‘THE’ master strategist. Listen, God doesn’t just want a work that starts with you and ends with you (how selfish of us to think so!), He wants a work that will start with you and last until Christ comes, overflowing into the realm of His new world order. The biggest obstacle to God’s strategy and plan for our lives is ourselves. Our culture thrives on heros and musicians who moved to hollywood on talent and a prayer and are now stars.

We live in a society where every ad screams the message of, “me, me, me, now, now, now!” Marketing is geared to know what we want, and how we want it, and to convince us that we not only want it, but need it, and must have it in the expediency of the moment, without consideration of any other factors except for self gratification. Honestly this aspect of American society disgust me, microwave mentalities and tunnel vision prophets, that proclaim “the best life you want right now” have become the epitome of our culture. However, when I look into the scriptures I see a large distinction between men and women back then compared to now. When I see this distinction its kind of scary because I know God doesn’t pay much attention to self-centered generations that have the attitude of, “what is better for us”. If the majority of men and women before us had the attitude of what is best for me in the here and now we definitely would not enjoy the many freedoms we have today.

As I was reading of Abraham I felt he had such an overwhelming sense of family even before Isaac was born. God was pleased with this attribute of faith in Abraham, to see beyond the here and now. He understood his lifespan was not simply dependent upon the amount of years he lived but those that would proceed his. I’m sure Abraham in his old age and family drama felt internally, “there’s more to do than can ever be done.” The reason I love this statement because it rings true in every man’s life. We all have aspirations and the desires to make our lives better, this is an innate quality no man can easily destroy. However in our pursuit to be individuals we must understand our life serves a greater purpose than the years we live. Abraham knew this, John the baptist knew this and Jesus knew this, even the founding fathers of America understood this concept. The imperative concept that life is not to be just lived, but that it is to be a legacy, a legacy in my definition being; a life that proceeds you. We know these frail bodies we occupy don’t have the endurance for the pace of eternity, but the principles and knowledge of God’s word that infill us does. That is why my heart sunk with deep conviction when I read Genesis 18:19 and what the Lord said concerning Abraham

“For I have know him, in order that he may command his children and his household after him, that they may keep the way of the Lord, to do righteousness and justice, that the Lord may bring to Abraham what He has spoken to HIm.”

Just as God chose David for his faithfulness and integrity in tending to the lambs and ewes in the field, God reveals he has decided to fellowship and bless Abraham, because He will command his children and households in the ways of the Lord. Abraham had a deep conviction of family, and more so an understanding that his life was greater than him. He understood the importance of planting the seed of the vision and revelation of God into his son, and for his son to do the same.

I get the same feeling when I read the stories of men who spearheaded the American revolution. I call them the martyrs of a free republic, because they knew the cause they were fighting for was greater than them. They willingly signed the declaration with full knowledge they were signing a death notice. Many of them were tortured and sought to the end of their lives. However, their level of sacrifice for the principles of freedom give us the luxury to wake up and breath in the fresh air of liberty every day. Thus, to a greater extent the Christ, the son of the living God, came as a double agent, limiting His heavenly deity to die as a man to win the hearts of men. A strategy designed in heaven by the Godhead and carried out by the son, 30 years to establish familiarity, 3 years to execute the plan, the objective: Save the world. Jesus > Rambo. Christ’s life created a ripple effect, like a meteorite a mile long landing in the pacific would devastate the territories that border the ocean. Christ’s life smashed down on earth and when and he paid the price, His love overflowed the borders of our hearts and He bids all men to come and drown that they may have new life eternally. This is the phenomena of the gospel and of God’s strategy, the more you attempt to suppress it, the greater the pressure, the more it will spread. Imagine trying to put out a fire with gasoline, the more you try the further it will spread; this is the gospel. So don’t just fall into the trap of, “your best life now” but rather a life that will live beyond you. It may not be the most glamorous life but I’m 100% sure it’s the most fulfilling life you can ever live.

Perspective: What have you done with the life you’ve lived thus far? If you died today would the impact of your life have lasting effects 20, 50, 100 years from now? Are you living strategically, are you leaving a legacy? What will men say of you when you die?


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