“He thought that he had changed nothing, but he changed something. He changed the thought that nothing could be changed…and that changed everything”

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This one of my favorite quotes, I came across it one day through a documentary I’ve long forgotten the title of. Cutting straight to the point, measuring change in the confines of our own conceptions and the cosmos of our time structure is futile. The best change is change that never ends. It is always a noble thing to make change and see change take place, we all desire to do this. However, it is a beautiful process to be change and watch things around you transform through stepping into a place or relationship. Instead of waiting to see things transform around us we should focus on transforming ourselves and allow the light of who we are room to shine and reveal what needs change. This is the specialized doctor that operates in a specific field and is able to distinguish what is wrong from first sight because they have labored to perfect their ability to see and recognize what is unnatural in a given body part. Change embodied begets change makers.

I believe being can change thoughts in a profound way. Though ideas are essential to change, being lives on in the ideas of people long after they are gone. The words of those who live and embody the change they proclaim are an everlasting tsunami that breaches the borders of our ideas and everyday lives. Whether men be brute and brash or poetically political, legacy proceeds those who do what they say and say what they do. Change thus is not always a quantitative comparison among things seen, but an unwavering conviction through being. Change is an that our lives are a piece of a larger puzzle to come to earth. Part of changing thoughts that nothing can be changed is pressing our lives into impossibility. The ideas that “no one has ever done that”, or “But, it’s always been done this way”, we are to press our being into the antithesis of what is seen. With truth as the spear tip and our beings as the shaft we should expect our lives to make way for new possibilities.

The potency of change is when we live truth because truth lives in us. And when we find frustrations in trying to make effective and eternal change we are driven to the precipice of our own solutions with the question, “what is truth?” as Pontius Pilate asked Jesus. Truth looks into the core of our being and says jump off of the edge of yourself and know. Transformation starts, change begins. Being changed leads to being change.

Perspective: How are you Being change where you are? Are you growing more frustrated trying to ‘do’ change rather than being change? 

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