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As I think of the things I will do 10 years from now they are not so much an expansion in the sense of freedom in mobility and expression, but a part of the calling. What I mean is just as Christ grew in knowledge, stature and self awareness. Christ also grew conscious of the call, which was death and confinement (within the constructs of His earthly existence). To grow more self aware of who we are is a paradox that leads us to service, for we find completeness outside of the whole yet contentment calls us into the collective to expand the walls of conception and existence within the communities we engage locally and globally. What I mean is this, our existence is inextricably linked to that of the collective. Thus, the command to love God with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength cannot be appropriate understood in depth outside of service to others.

For those who don’t subscribe to such concepts in the Christian lexicon this is encapsulated in the golden rule within philosophy, ‘ do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.’ This golden rule in itself is the free expression of empathy thoroughly considered I believe, for if I can feel what my neighbor feels I can conceptualize my desired result within a given circumstance (that would be favorable to my well being). In particular, I do not desire for my homeland to be bombed and children in my neighborhood to die as casualties of war, therefore I desire that the same does not befall my neighbor across borders.

The initial concept pertained to this idea, that as I grow in who I am and find solidity in being and its expression, I am propelled or better ‘led’ into confinement through service. In this space of solidarity to one’s calling, I am secure in being outside of the influence of total validation or legitimacy from an outside source. In this space of being I am well aware I do not fit within the confines of any title nor does any position gauge the essence of my being. I am well aware that I am a mammoth among men, however this does not create a sense of pride in looking down on others but a reverence that we are all the same… glorious.

My glory should not make you feel inferior but rather catalyze a desire to be as I am, unclothed in the expression of who you are. Now some of us will be further along than others in certain spheres of existence (ie work, wisdom, vulnerability, etc.). Also, in the event that my expression of freedom clashes with yours, the process from here is to understand one another. Granted, if we cannot agree on the basic axioms of being then we are better off around those who subscribe to the foundational beliefs we uphold. There is a space in which understanding another (in belief) turns back in on itself in a revolving circle, where we say the same things in different ways. Language can only take us so far in our expressions and thus we must display what we translate verbally. I guess what I’m driving at is that sacrifice is inherent to freedom. For as soon as we find ourselves no longer in need of the world for its affirmations and validations on our being we are aware of how much it needs us and we are propelled into service. It may be the image of the astronaut who realizes how beautiful the world is once he is removed from it in space. He is aware of how small the human race is in comparison to the infinite galaxies, yet in this same moment he is compelled to live life more meaningful as a result of his revelation. Pressed back into service is the mark of the mature. 


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