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“From the beginning personal memory has been a vital element in the things I’ve written. But, even so through the poems there is this definite basis in autobiography. I always want them to be more than just annotations of the facts of my life, because while it is true that a poem preserves an experience, it should also open experience up and move it along and make it current, to start the escalator of the language and the language’s associations moving. So that first of all the poet and then the reader hopefully get carried away a little…”

-Seamus Heaney  


We live in a world of words. Most of the time, we live in a world of too many words and extremes, where balance is often hard to find, and let alone adequately translate to polarized people and groups. Poetry has the ability to cut through the noise, to not only be a distinct voice in the midst of the world’s chaos like music, but it provides a way out of it. Poetry is inspiration to reconstruct ideology, to challenge ideas, for it appeals to subconscious depths of the soul. Poetry is expression. Poetry is concision when there is more we feel than can be articulated through a formal speech. Poetry is painting with emotions and frustrations, creating dialogue and questions, challenging norms, and expanding empirical truths. Poetry tends to make every cause the root cause in the confines of its cosmos through rhythm, style, delivery and diction.

‘Paradox and Poetry’ is about all of the aforementioned, to encapsulate the essence of personal circumstance, global issues and most importantly ontology. I enjoy the exploration of what it means ‘to be’ through historical analysis and personal interpretation. The paradox of my poetry in many ways is retelling and exploring an age old question in new ways; “our world is broken, and what do we do to fix it?” My conclusion, it is not just the world that is broken and we the puzzle makers that must put all pieces back together again, but that we are broken. We see through fogged lenses. We wear dimly lit spectacles to not only fix the world around us but to discover elements within ourselves. We can only see the world right side up as we solve ourselves and are resolved in God, for we are the broken spectacles. ‘Paradox and Poetry’ is my way to finger through the process of being solved, of seeing rightly, of being known, and of growing more complete each day through trial and success. It’s simple. I am telling stories and painting pictures that appeal to the humanity of us all. I believe what appeals to us all is discovery, of mapping our way through emotions, swimming through questions in chasms of unresolved. Thus I am resolved as G.K. Chesterton stated, “The riddles of God are more satisfying than the solutions of men. The paradox of our being is poetry and the poetry of our existence is paradox.

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