Something About the Ocean


The ocean is always therapeutic for me as it is for most people. I believe there is a biological reset button that is pressed when we allow ourselves to take it all in. At the same time I believe there are several divine intentions God had when He created the ocean. Commonly we think of Jesus walking on the sea overcoming the winds and waves of fear and doubt with an inner peace and faith that surpassed understanding and natural limitations. My custom is to plant my feet in the sand right where the tide simultaneously slides in and is pulled back into the ocean. I love the feeling that the tide creates under my feet as the ocean calls back the runaway water line.

The sand not only retreats around me but it flees right from under my feet, sinking me deeper, a temporary quicksand effect. I feel myself sinking and then watch new waves roll in and I get a disoriented high from this natural process. But as I stood at the ocean yesterday and communed with the Lord I began to swim in a deeper understanding of the ocean being a visible representation of when two worlds collide, like heaven and earth. As we cannot see the wind, but we see its effect on the waves. We also cannot see the full of the oceans bottom, yet we know it effect the waves that are stuck in between. I locked my eyes on the horizon yesterday and thought of heaven meeting earth just as the winds meets waves as a point of contact. The water contained and anchor yet simultaneously moved by a force above. Both waves and the surface have an effect on one another, but they can be perceived as different worlds. And then, paradoxically they are one and the same. Always more to explore‚Ķ”



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